CHP Cracks Down on Street Racers

Described by local media as looking a scene from "Fast and Furious" drivers of modified cars attempted to shut down the 105 Freeway in Hawthorne for what is described by California Highway Patrol as Street Racing. The CHP, Los Angeles Police Department, and LA County Sheriff shut down sections of the 105 Freeway trapping the suspected street racers who had posted on social media about the illegal races. On an Instagram video posted under the user name @alexander_sangria showed a man saying that the group was "planning to take over the 105 Freeway." The user's page was later deleted.

A group of 50+ cars were meeting in a parking lot near the freeway taking part in what some call "side shows".  Videos posted on social media showed cars doing burnouts and J-turns in intersection, but it is unclear if these videos were shot at the same event. After hearing about activity at a bus parking lot around 3AM, the CHP issued a Sig Alert.  Closing the 105 eastbound around 3:30AM, trapping the alleged racers and using the posts on social media as cause to detain, question people, frisk individuals, and searching car. The freeway remained closed until 5AM

Several arrests were made for charges of DUIs, stolen firearms and vehicles and narcotics possession in the bid to squash their plans, the CHP says it has plans to monitor automotive related social media.

CHP Spokesman Officer Polizzi said several people were arrested, but didn't give an exact number. No one was injured in the sweep, he said.

This is yet another major operation targeting automotive enthusiasts by Southern California law enforcement agencies. From the raid at Art's Burgers in July to the two month undercover investigation that the CHP did to crack down on Touge Drivers. Just two weeks ago 8 cars were impounded in Carson for basically hanging out with Law Enforcement calling just about any gathering "Street Racing"

Source: NBC4