Los Angeles County Sheriff's Continue Street Racing Crackdown

Over  the summer there were a number of stories about the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department arresting drivers and impounding cars, including a raid at Art's Burgers. Then there was a story about the California Highway Patrol going undercover for months to break up a "ring" of canyon drivers, that two month long undercover investigation netted a few tickets and fines (read about it here).

LACS has stepped up patrols and are cracking down on cruises, street races, and just about anything care related, last month in Carson, California the LACS arrested eleven and towed eight cars and wrote 17 tickets... the spokesman followed up by saying that "over 500 spectators will sometimes attend street racing events". They do not go into how many people were attending the alleged racing event in Carson.

While I don't condone street racing, many of these raids are happening at cruises and what amount to unofficial car shows. With the Sheriff's department getting a boost in budget we should expect to see more patrols out on the streets.

Source: NBC