Video: Duncan Pittaway's 28.5-litre Fiat S76

Duncan Pittaway has been rebuilding a bit of automotive history of the two S76 Fiat land speed record cars that were built one of scrapped by the factory, the other was reduced to just a chassis. After tracking down the chassis in Australia and finding the only remaining S76 28.5 liter engine in the world he had a monumental task... building the rest of the car. From the gearbox to the  bodywork everything else had to be reproduced from the ground up. Dubbed "The Beast of Turin" the speed records car driven by Pietro Bordino on the circuit of Brooklands and on the beach in Saltburn got to nearly 200 km/h. In 1912 the Frenchman Arthur Duray on the straight of Ostend set a top speed of 225 km/h but that record was not made ​​official. Later that year in Long Island. New York, the beast hit a breathtaking 290 km/h setting the record.

This is the first time a S76 has been heard in over 100 years.... enjoy the video below.

The Beast of Turin trailer from stefan marjoram on Vimeo.