Defender Celebration

Three exclusive limited edition Land Rover Defenders, and the creation of a huge, temporary work of art at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, UK, are how Land Rover has decided to launch the next era of Defender. I am a big fan of the defender and wish the older versions were a little more common here in the states, but enjoy these amazing images and video from Land Rover and dream of a defender of your own.

Nick and Stephen Wilks, nephew and son of Maurice Wilks, discuss the conception of Land Rover at Red Wharf Bay during a family holiday in 1947.
My father Maurice met his brother on the beach,' reports Stephen Wilks. 'He was explaining the concept for a new idea for a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle. He made a drawing in the sand of an outline of how he thought the Land Rover could be made. 

Watch the video below, where a land rover is drawn in the sand one more time and visit the official Celebrate Defender website for more by clicking HERE