More oil dumped on GMR?

According to video posted on a popular Facbook EVO fan page it looks like someone has dumped oil on purpose up on GMR this is the third time in the last few months. The last incident was just past Monday (March 9th) when a motorcyclist spotted a suspicious red SUV and over eight oil slicks appeared. The oil spots were so bad that the CHP closed the road so that Cal-Trans could clean up the oil. Read that story HERE.

Some time last night (Friday the 13th) or early Saturday morning large patches of oil, many across both lanes from dirt to dirt appeared. According to video posted to the SoCal EVO Parts for Sale/Trade/WTB by Victor Ais, there are at least 12 spots on Glendora Mountain Road with oil slicks.

"I didn't start to notice them until I felt the evo slide out of nowhere.... be careful" posted Ais.

As of this morning (March 14th) the road is still listed as open, you can check the roads status Here. I am going to go and check the road myself.

Story developing

If you have any information on who might be sabotaging the road for all who use it, please contact the California High Patrol.