Owner of Mustang not behind the wheel?

Henry Michael Gevorgyan was booked on suspicion of murder Feb. 28 for the now infamous street race that ended in the death of two spectators. Gevorgyan identified as the owner of the Mustang involved in the crash may not have been behind the wheel during the race. Prompting the police and local politicians to promise expanded enforcement and vehicle seizures for street racers.

A video, posted March 1st, on the Facebook page 818_1320 alleging Gevorgyan was the flag man in the race.

Gevorgyan’s attorney, Kate Hardie told the Los Angeles Times “He’s terrified, he wants to do the right thing.” Police continue to search for the driver of the second vehicle, a Nissan GTR.

UPDATE: According to KFI News Henry Michael Gevorgyan was charged with murder this morning and pled not guilty.

Police, or someone pretending to be the police, have been interacting with the 818_1320 on Facebook, looking for information on the driver of the Nissan GTR.