Fast & Furious Short Film fills in some blanks

This short film was written and directed by Vin Diesel in 2009, titled Los Bandoleros ("The Bandits"). The short is a prequel to the 2009 Fast & Furious and fills in the blanks about where Dom went after the first film. The film shows Dom and Letty reconnecting, it seems while Brian was in Florida working with the DEA and Roman, Letty went to Mexico to try and find Dom. She catches up with him in the Dominican Republic just in time, as Dom and Leo are planning the fuel truck heist that opens Fast & Furious.

It also connects character Han Seoul-Oh who we first meet in Tokyo Drift, but we learn that he and Dom have know each other a long time. The film also ties Han to the 2002 film Better Luck Tomorrow which, while not part of the Fast & Furious Franchise, gives us Han's backstory. Han's in High School, drives a classic Ford Mustang and starts his life of crime out of boredom, that all happens before he meets Dom in Mexico. Han has been brought to work with Dom on the fuel heist and has yet to go to Tokyo.

Check out the film below:

Los Bandoleros from Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez on Vimeo.