PerTronix Acquires Spyke/Compu-Fire® Brands

Pertronix Inc. completed the asset purchase of Spyke Inc., a long time manufacturer of  premium high performance rotating electrical and ignition products for the Harley® motorcycle and Volkswagen markets.

            Under the Spyke and Compu-Fire brands, motorcycle and Volkswagen enthusiasts have enjoyed reliable starting, charging and trouble free ignition performance for many years.  These brands will continue to be produced and shipped from the Downey, California location in the interim with all sales, customer service and manufacturing operations relocating to our San Dimas and Irwindale locations within a few weeks.

            “We are very excited to add these great brands to our Pertronix Brand Family and will work hard to insure that the quality and service customers have come to expect will continue and be even further improved,” commented Jim Hairston, Pertronix Inc., Director of Marketing and Product Development.

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