They sold everything and bought an Airstream

Writer, designer, and blogger Olivia Berg and her family made a bold choice.  In early 2015 the family was building their dream home,  complete with all the stuff that comes with it. Furniture, appliances, bills, debt, and while they prided themselves on living simple,  the truth was they were tired of working for stuff. 

Even though they had great jobs, secure investments, and a dream home, there was something missing. 

One day while searching the local Craigslist for a sofa for the dream home, Olivia stumbled across an ad for a 1968 Airstream Overlander. Inspired they purchased the 180 square foot trailer, paid off all their debt, quit their day jobs and hit the road. 

"We leave behind a life of comfort, routine, and "things",  for an adventure in 180 square feet of aluminum awesomeness" - Olivia Berg

Their goal? To live a slower pace of give without travel, explore, work, and play on their own terms...and to strengthen their family the good ol' fashioned way. To see the small towns, back roads, and natural beauty that America has to offer and to have the freedom from STUFF. 

You can connect with Oliva and her new venture Blankspace HERE.