James Dean Porsche Found?

James Dean was most definitely a Gentleman Racer, the  iconic Hollywood actor died tragically on September 30, 1955 on his way to a race. The car, known as "Little Bastard", was later used to promote traffic safety, that is until it completely disappeared while being transported back to California from Florida. According the Volo Auto Museum they might know where the car is thanks to a tip from a man earlier this year.

"He said he was 6 years old at the time, and was present as his father and some other men put the wreckage behind a false wall in a building in Whatcom County, Washington," said Brian Grams, director of the Volo Auto Museum.

The man who claims to know where the car is (allegedly hidden behind a false wall in Washington), is waiting to see if he can take ownership of it so he can collect the 1 million dollar reward offered by the Volo Auto Museum.

ABC 7 Chicago broke the story has has more on it HERE