Mountain Roads in the Honda Crosstour

Photos: Toshi Akatsuka
Words: Mike Satterfield

2015 is the last year for the Honda Crosstour, this versatile vehicle just never really connected with the US crossover/SUV despite it being remarkably functional. The car we are driving is the 278 HP AWD EX-L model with navigation. Keeping with Honda's pretty much set packages the only real standalone option is the nav system.

As far as driving it's a Honda, so it's quite, smooth, and fairly neutral feeling overall, the interior is clean and features some styling elements you don't normally see in austere Honda interiors. But the metallic accents on the dash and knobs offer a nice contrast from the monochromatic interior. The leather wrapped steering wheel feels excellent in the hand and all the buttons and knobs are in reach. 

The 6 Speed Automatic transmission is a nice change to many of the CVT transmissions we have been driving lately. With just over 275 HP the car feels pretty sporty it's size and honestly is a great alternative to a midsize SUV.

Up in the mountains the Crosstour feels like sports sedan and less like crossover, while it is by no means nimble, it feels well connected to the road and the steering is direct offers great feedback. While it would not be my first choice for a brisk mountain drive, it is at least fun to drive and does not feel top heavy like most SUVs.

Sadly this is the last year we will have the Crosstour as an option, it seems America's love affair with the SUV will continue on. On a good note you should be able to get a pretty good deal on remaining Crosstours in stock, since production officially ended in August, what is out there is all that is left.

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