Porsche Driver’s Selection – RS 2.7 Collection

 Unconventional and passionately sporty: Boasting a top speed of more than 240 km/h, the legendary 911 Carrera RS 2.7 from 1973 is not only the fastest Porsche series-production model of its time – it is also considered to be an all-time Porsche icon. With a 2.7-litre engine and an output of 210 hp, the small series was originally Porsche’s answer to fierce motorsport competition in the GT class. As a result of its uncompromising sportiness and striking look the RS 2.7 met high levels of demand from sportscar aficionados and had sold out just a couple of months after the launch. In total, 1580 of the coveted legendary sportscars left the Porsche factory. Today, the RS 2.7 remains one of the most sought-after classic cars.

Porsche Driver’s Selection is honouring this exceptional vehicle with an exclusive collection that reflects its characteristics and brings the icon – along with its unmistakeable look – back to life. The design for the collection is based primarily on the paint finish of the classic car in the colour variant Grand Prix White with rims and “Carrera” side stripes in Red, Blue and Viper Green.

The highlight of the RS 2.7 collection is the functional Rimowa luggage series made from 100% polycarbonate that brings the look of the classic car back to the road. The suitcase range is tailor-made and fits all current Porsche models. Moreover, the aluminium handle integrated into the shell makes it easier to load the suitcases into the luggage compartment.

The PTS Ultralight XL Limited Edition (EUR 699) and the PTS Ultralight M Limited Edition (EUR 599) in White/Viper Green offer a volume of 75 and 33 litres respectively, and are each limited to a series of 1973 pieces.

The collection also includes a unisex T-shirt in mottled grey (EUR 49), sweatshirts for men and women in mottled grey (EUR 135 each), joggers for men in mottled grey (EUR 99) and a baseball cap in dark blue (EUR 29). Furthermore, the Carrera RS 2.7 biscuits stamps in Viper Green, Indian Red and Glacier Blue (EUR 19) are a true delight. The high-quality, food-safe silicone stamp shapes can be used at temperatures from -40°C to 230°C. The RS 2.7 collection is rounded off by the limited edition Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 model cars in White/Viper Green and Gulf Blue/Black (EUR 59 each). The two colour variants in 1:43 scale are each limited to 1973 pieces.

Products in the Porsche Driver’s Selection range can be found in Porsche Centres and online at www.porsche.com/shop