Video: Magnus Walker in Dangerous Street Race?

A video was posted to YouTube Sunday that allegedly shows Los Angeles Porsche tuner and automotive celebrity Magnus Walker engaged in a street race on a busy Southern California freeway. 

Known as the "Urban Outlaw" Walker rose to prominence thanks to his popular YouTube video of the same name, that has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and made Walker an international celebrity among automotive enthusiasts.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Ronin RS211, who we believe to hav had run-ins with Walker in the past on popular mountain roads. It is unclear who shot the video or how Ronin RS211 obtained it, or when it was filmed.

The video (below) shows what appears to be Magnus Walker and passenger (who is operating the camera) driving around Los Angeles. At about the 3 minuet mark, what looks like a 1995-2000 Honda Civic begins to race against the Porsche 911 as both cars speed and weave wildly in and out of traffic. 

Just this past August Walker was involved in an accident on public streets while at an event, when he lost control and hit a parked trailer narrowly avoiding hitting other motorists. See that story HERE