Classic Chevy VIN Decoder

H&H Classic Parts has developed a classic Chevy VIN decoder that, unlike traditional VIN decoders, takes the guesswork out of decoding. Tri-Five, Impala, and Chevy II/Nova owners can simply plug in their vehicle's VIN and the decoder will provide information such as year, assembly plant, engine type, and more.

“Decoding a Classic Chevy VIN from a lookup table can be confusing,” says Tray Smith, VP of H&H Classic Parts. “The VINs on these vehicles are often quite complex, and it can be difficult to decode them. Our new online decoding tool gets classic Chevy owners the information they need fast," Smith continues.

The tool was made by Spork Marketing on behalf of H&H Classic Parts. "We consulted original GM documents to determine the VIN patterns, and then tested the tool extensively," says Jason Lancaster, President of Spork. “Currently, Chevy enthusiasts can decode Tri-Five, Impala, and Chevy II/Nova VINs, but the tool will eventually decode all vehicles H&H Classic sells parts for," Lancaster says.

Depending on the vehicle and year, VINs can provide information such as:

Engine type, and even specific horsepower
Assembly plant
Body style (coupe, wagon, convertible, etc.)
Trim (SS, Custom, etc.)
Whether you're making an eBay listing to sell your classic and want to include all possible specs or you're looking into making a classic vehicle purchase and want to confirm you're getting the right one, the H&H Classic Parts VIN Decoder will save you time. Check out the VIN decoder here, and keep an eye out for updates on when additional vehicles are added.