Product Review: Clayzilla

I don't do a lot of product reviews, but when Surf City Garage sent me their Clayzilla paint cleaner/prep system I thought I would give it a spin. The product is a replacement for the traditional clay bar and Surf City Garage claims that it not only last longer but cleans better. The kit consists of an applicator that accepts the rubberized pad and the "Zilla Juice" that lubricates and cleans the surface.

I have to say I was a little skeptical, but I worked the Clayzilla into my vLog and I would say it really did a great job at making the paint on the old Fiat smooth and clean. Now if only the rest of the work on the car was that easy, check out the video below and see for yourself.

The entire kit retails for just $24.99 and you can purchase it HERE