Automotive Artist Tom Havlasek

Tom Havlasek was born in Brno, Czech  Republic, in January 1984. Since his childhood, he has enjoyed motorsport and had a close contact with it – growing up very near famous Brno Circuit, he took every chance to get there and enjoy the atmosphere. The atmosphere of motorsport in what Tom loves the most up to this day.

Tom studied computer graphic design, but already during the studies realized he prefers hand craft. At that time, he started to present his works of art – first only street and legal graffiti art by spray colors, but growing older he also grew fond of using canvas and water based colors because he simply wanted to do more than just a street art.

About his work

In recent years, he only uses acrylic colors, almost without using brushes, and he paints preferably on 95x95 cm canvas. He finds and interesting photo of some classic racing sports car or better takes his own, chooses its best part and creates the best composition on the computer. The final motive is then transferred on the canvas. His style is “dirty” and “unclear”, with splashes and blurs and no clear shades – he connects the abstract with concrete. He also paints portraits of drivers, most notably the legends from “golden age of motorsport”.

Since 2014, he is a full time artist. His works could be seen on many exhibitions such as Classic Show in Brno, or worldwide such as in L’Atelier gallery in Monaco during the “Historic Monaco Grand Prix” or in Le Mans Legend CafĂ© during the 24h of Le Mans and Le Mans Classics. His paintings can be found all around the world, from Tokyo, via London to Long Beach, bought and enjoyed by motorsport enthusiasts.

Tom is also available for commission work. For more info, contact him or visit his website