Gear: Grooming

My go to grooming gear this year has been everything Clinique for men. Now full disclosure my first experience with the brand was when they sent me their charcoal face wash and scrubber to test (Clinique For Men™ Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush). But I have to say that the quality of the product was impressive and as I run out of grooming supplies I am slowly replacing it with Clinique for men products. Now I have not gotten into the anti aging or eye creams... I mean come on. But the shave cream, post-shave lotion, and antiperspirant are the best products I have ever used.

My one issue with the Clinique for men series is that they don't offer a complete line of mens grooming products, but for skin care and shaving they've got you covered. You can purchase Clinique for men at Macy's but I generally pick mine up from the local Ulta (Click Here) or direct from at