Denim Ninja

Japanese Denim is know around the world for it's quality and is considered by many to be the best denim the world. The heart of Denim in Japan is Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture and they have created a series to promote travelers interested in exploring the world of Japanese Denim.

By the way there is so much more art and culture to see in Kurashiki besides the Denim. To promote tourism the city of Kurashiki has released "Denim Ninja in Kurashiki," a series of video clips for tourists, to attract travelers from abroad. Kurashiki is known as the birthplace of Japanese denim fabric.

The fast-paced action videos present a ninja dispatched from the capital to investigate 30 "mysteries" of Kurashiki. They aim to ensure that tourists from Taiwan (Hong Kong, Thailand) get the most enjoyment out of their time while in the city.

Kurashiki is situated between Hiroshima and Osaka, and can be reached from either city in approximately one hour by "shinkansen" bullet train. Plans are underway to employ English-speaking staff so that visitors from Taiwan (Hong Kong, Thailand) can better enjoy this charming place, steeped in history.

Clad in the local denim, the "Denim Ninja" makes a visit to solve the 30 mysteries in Kurashiki. Join him as he appears throughout the town in search of answers....

For more visit the official Denim Ninja website HERE