Detailing Tips

I stopped in to see my friends at Meguiar's a few weeks ago to get some tips some simple tips on keeping your new car looking new. While the EVO had to go back to Mitsubishi, Mike and the team at Meguiar's helped me out by shooting this quick video.

Here are a few tips from Mike at Meguiar's:

1. Use the right products and tools for the job. Be it a quick wash or a full detail and wax be sure to use the right products, which means no dish soap or AXE body was for your ride. Also a clean wash mitt will make a big difference in maintaining a scratch free surface.

2. Don't over do the wax, one big mistake people make is using too much wax, a little goes a long way and it saves you time.

3. Keep some interior wipes in the car for in between major interior cleanings. It can help get rid of that sticky soda ring in your cup holder or those toe prints on the dash from the last time you drove a girl somewhere.

For more tips visit Meguiar's Product Advisor for more tips HERE.

This is not a sponsored post, Meguiar's just rocks!