The Pomona Swap Meet

Just about anywhere in the US that you go there is a local automotive swap meet, but there is nothing quite like 'Pomona'. The event started out like any other swap meet back in 1975, but being in Southern California, the hub of car culture, it quickly grew.  Now Pomona is one of the largest automotive swap meets in the world, and regularly runs out of space. Today over 2,000 vendors and 25,000+ shoppers attend the event which is held seven times a year at the L.A. County Fairplex.

Chevy Apache pick up parked in the vendor area 
If you walk the entire event, you will have traversed over 15 miles, seen every automotive style represented, and run into some of the most interesting people in the world. 'Pomona' as it is known in automotive circles draws buyers and car enthusiasts from around the globe. People from Japan, Europe, Australia, and the middle east come to Pomona to find their next car, or just for the experience.

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In addition to being one the largest car shows in general, Pomona is one of the largest Corvette shows on the West Coast.

Vintage License Plates for collector cars

All kinds of vehicle show up at Pomona

Old School Performance Parts

More cars arriving for the show/for sale section.

Parts cars

Vintage Speed

Classic Patina

You never know what you will find at Pomona.

When Pigs Fly