Fire Guts Warehouse filled with Rare Cars

by Michael Satterfield

A one-alarm fire Sunday night gutted a warehouse of  International Vehicle Importers in Ontario, California, officials with the Ontario City Fire Department said Monday. Over two dozen vehicles were lost in the blaze, as well as an RV, and equipment. International Vehicle Importers specializes in importing cars from around the world but has gained a reputation among fans of the Nissan GTR and other rare Japanese classics, many of the cars lost were never originally sold in the United States making them extremely desirable to collectors and enthusiasts.

In a statement posted to International Vehicle Importers Facebook page, owner Sean Morris said:

"To our customers, followers, and fellow car enthusiast. As you may have heard there was a fire at our Ontario warehouse which sadly resulted in a total loss. Fortunately, the majority of our inventory is housed in other warehouses leaving a small but still meaningful impact on our inventory. We will be removing lost cars from our inventory tomorrow so if you see it on our website, it is still available and unharmed."

The fire department is still investigating and has not released a statement regarding the cause of the blaze.

Ontario Fire Department securing the site.

Classic cars mostly from Japan reduced to scrap metal. 

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