The WWII Store

I was recently in Torrance, California when I ran across this amazing shop called The WWII Store. While it was not on our official Discover Torrance tour I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop in. Not only does the store carry a number of original items like uniforms and collectibles, they also carry a great selection of reproduction items.

Inside the store is much larger than it appears and is packed with amazing artifacts, books, models, and rare original items. One section that caught my eye was their rack of vintage and reproduction leather jackets with prices starting at just over $100 its a great place to go if you are looking for a classic leather jacket.

From books to complete uniforms The WWII Store has it all and if you are a fan of history it should be on your list. Being so close to LA it is a popular stop for wardrobe stylists and for historic reenactors.

Located in historic Torrance it is surrounded by great bars, restaurants, and coffee houses, so plan on making an afternoon of it. To help plan your trip visit and be sure to visit

The WWII Store
1422 Marcelina Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: (310) 533-4992

Business Hours

Monday - Saturday
 10am - 6pm