Holiday in China

By Erica Xu

During this National Day holiday, I spent two days in the Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang is a coastal city so it took me nearly 2 hours to fly to Luqiao from Guangzhou. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Luqiao, I was informed that my luggage was left in Guangzhou. After filling out the paperwork for lost luggage I settled in and waited for the call that my luggage had been found and would be delivered to me.

My first impression of Zhejiang was good, clean with wide roads, it reminded me of my trip to Shanghai last week. There are many scenic spots to visit. My first nightI went to see the light show. The colorful lights with all kinds of designs attracted tourists and locals alike. When walking in the light tunnel, you may feel dizzy.

The most worth mentioning is the Lovers Bridge. When I walked across it,the bridge rolled sharply caused by lots of children shaking the bridge on purpose. When I reached the other side my head was still spinning from the swaying of the bridge, but it was still an amazing experience.

The weather was nice so I went to visit the Spirit Lake. My friends and I rented a 6-seat bike, riding along the pathway in the park near the lake. I didn’t have to steer so I could take pictures as we peddled along.

When we arrived at the central of the lake,we stopped riding and took some time to taken in the natural beauty of the lake.The lake is so big that we couldn’t find each other, thankfully we could use location share on our phones. What a fun! The feeling of being in nature was beyond description, the pleasant wind tickling my face as we rode.

I went to visit the Old Nantang Street, a popular tourist attraction, rich with history. That night I walked in the rain and window shopped. There are a seemingly endless number of shops,  most of them are in the Japanese or Korean style. Every kind of food is offered on Old Nantang, and the people are lined up for all kinds of treats. A sea of people, all holding umbrellas crowd the street and the rain sprinkles down. I’m fond of this place, it has a fresh style.

This time, I didn’t arrange my schedule well, so there are still many places to visit here in Nigbo.On my next visit, I plan on seeing the Jiangnan Great Wall, which has a longer history than Peking Great Wall. The Old Bund, it is a place that gathered many foreigners from all over the world. You can sample foods from around the world and has been gaining popularity in Ningbo City.

So, this time, I just ran out of time, perhaps next time I will visit again and share more from this part of China. Though my trip was short I’ve fallen in love in this city. I bet you will fall in love it if you have the chance to visit. Of course, it is worth visiting again, so I promise that I will go again and share more with you.