Road Trip : Fiat 500L

If you have been wondering why there isn't a whole lot on the site this week, it's because I have been on the road, driving the Fiat 500L across Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. It has been a great tip and I am gearing up to trek back across Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and back to California. 

I have visited monuments, national parks, and events along the way, from the beauty of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, to the vast openness of Montana it has been an exciting trip filled with new experiences. When I get back to the office I will write a full review of the 500L, but so far it has been an amazing road trip machine. Good MPG, great sound system and tons of space in small package. I will also be writing up stories on each of the destinations I have visited so look for that in the coming weeks, but for now just enjoy some of the photos from the road.