The Ultimate Country Home

 This ranch, located in Sisters,Oregon, might just be the ultimate country house, not only does it have over 500 acres where you can pretty much do anything, it has a horse race track (you know it would be used for some flat track racing), an indoor and an outdoor arena, a bar, and of course garages... lots of garages. While the current owner seems to like to keep wagons and things of that nature in the garage, we know some car guy could put the space to much better use. The garage facility also includes a complete workshop, game room, and an apartment. The main house is just under 15,000 sq feet and boasts 8 bedrooms, 8.5 baths, and a movie theater that is likely larger than the main screen in Sisters.  

Check out the amazing estate below and for more info or you put your offer in, visit the official listing on Sotheby's HERE