Kyoto Nights

Kyoto is an amazing city, earlier this year I had the opportunity to partner with Sony to travel and take pictures with their new Xperia X-Performance Smart Phone. I found myself in the city of Kyoto, via the slow train that wound its way through the Japanese countryside. Arriving in Kyoto I checked into the Piece Hostel Sanjo and made my way out to find something to eat. Moshi is the first stop, then on to a full dinner.

The streets of Kyoto were especially busy that night, due to an annual festival that had closed down the main road so local men could carry a giant torch in a traditional ceremony. While it was busy, it felts far different than Tokyo. People were friendlier, the city is filled with amazing architecture, and many women wore brightly colored yukata which only added to the ambiance. It is a community of craftsmen and artists who take great pride in whatever their craft may be.

The riverwalk is crowded with locals enjoying the summer night air on the large decks that extend from the restaurants along the as teenagers couple and slink away into the darkness. A large salamander has crawled from the river and become the top attractions for tourists and locals alike, it eventually made its way back to the river.

I found a place along the bank to sit and take in the scene while I drank my Red Bull and watch as the restaurants begin to close up, traffic dies down as people leave the city center. Teens in disheveled clothing start to reappear as the noise from the festival fades. I take that as my cue to head back to the hostel, walking back the soundtrack in my head is Air's Alone In Kyoto, it syncs up well with the pace of the city.