Prestone Peace of Mind

We saw the Triple Seal™ Protection products by Prestone at the SEMA show earlier this month. Prestone has long been a brand we trust for our own project cars. Getting out on the open road in a classic or older car can be a little stressful. Even if you are handy with tool kit finding the right parts out on the road can be difficult, and some repairs like a blown head gasket require major work. Prestone says they have a solution to MOST engine leak issues, including the engine block leaks, blown head gasket, and radiator leaks.

We spent a lot of time talking with Prestone at SEMA about this new product, if it works half as well as they say it does, it would be worth its weight in gold. If you are going on a cross-country trip these would make a great addition to any emergency toolkit. It's one of the products you would love to try out, but hope you never need to.

According to Prestone each product is designed for the unique heat and pressure of the specific leak location (engine block, head gasket or radiator). The product is delivered through three proprietary technologies that work together to repair the source of the leak. Effervescent beads transfer straight to the source of the leak while a DuPont™ Kevlar® resin forms a web that binds to the surrounding metal. Finally, the seal is secured by an acrylic polymer that hardens over the patch.

This new line of stop leak products is a must have for any road trip. According to Prestone leaks are sealed from the inside of the affected area without blocking or corroding the cooling system.  All three Triple Seal Protection products are safe to use with all colors of antifreeze and do not require a cooling system flush.

The Triple Seal Protection line includes three products:
• Prestone® Triple Seal™ Protection Engine Block Stop Leak
• Prestone® Triple Seal™ Protection Head Gasket Stop Leak
• Prestone® Triple Seal™ Protection Radiator Stop Leak

For more information on Triple Seal Protection products, please visit For a demonstration of any Prestone product, visit the Prestone YouTube channel.

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Photo Credit: Prestone