Car Girl: Emelia Hartford

I met Emelia a few weeks ago at the Michelin Pilot Experience event we both attended, seeing her behind the wheel of cars like the Audi R8, Ferrari California, and BMW M4, it was apparent that she was not just another Instagram model who happened to like cars, she was a full-blown gearhead who had built a number of cars and spends a time at the track. I caught up with her on a rainy day in Los Angeles to check out her cars go for a drive. 

Her cars include an S14 240SX with an LS1 V8 Swap, a Subaru WRX, and (since she lives in Los Angeles) a Prius. Emelia's passion for cars comes from growing up in a racing family in Indiana, she went to school to be an auto mechanic before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an actress, writer, and producer. Not content with just building fun cars for the street, Emelia has taken to the track, competing in SCCA, Extreme Speeds BMW Street Class, and various autocross events. 

Emelia has big plans for her V8 powered S14 and she is currently prepping it for gymkhana competitions and hopes to be racing it in the near future. She recently started a YouTube channel where she shares videos about her life, cars, and adventures she goes on, the channel has already attracted over 35,000 subscribers in just over a month. Check out her latest video HERE, I happen to make a brief appearance in it.

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