Emory Motorsports Outlaw Bike

Emory Motorsports, famous for creating the Outlaw Porsche culture, has collaborated with Vintage Electric on a new bike. The Outlaw Tracker bike is designed by Rod Emory, a third-generation car customizer revered for tastefully chopping and channeling classic Porsche 356s. This bike is pure California, designed to appeal to tastemakers and rebels alike. Outlaw Tracker production is limited to only 50 bikes. All come in Carrera Silver, one of the most distinctive colors used on the Emory Outlaw Porsche 356s.

This deep silver metallic makes the Outlaw Tracker timelessly tasteful. Like the hand-made Porsche  356 SL Gmund Coupes, the Outlaw  Tracker features feather-light aluminum construction. Its tank frame is hydroformed for the best blend of performance, lightness, strength and longevity. The handlebars  are hand-made from stainless steel, and the saddle is hand-covered in leather by Brooks England Ltd.

The  Outlaw  Trackers’ suspension fork has a classic moto-inspired inverted design. Road-race valving and premium components are the two-wheeled equivalents of  Rod Emory-prepped vintage Porsche race cars and Emory Outlaw 356s. The Emory Outlaw inspiration also extends to the bucket headlight with Le Mans-tribute mesh grille. A bright  LED headlight adds modern technology to a  retro-appearing component.  The  Outlaw  Tracker also has an integrated rear taillight;  both lights are powered by the main battery, and wiring is hidden inside the frame. The 702 watt-hour lithium battery is housed in a  special heat-dissipating aluminum box. This gives the Outlaw Tracker a range of up to 35 miles between charges. To maximize range,  regenerative braking power recharges the battery while riding. Tapping the regenerative braking button smoothly decelerates the  Outlaw  Tracker, allowing the  3-phase  brushless electric motor to recoup energy. A sophisticated computer located in the battery box provides smooth anti-lock braking. The Outlaw Tracker uses  Shimano  Alfine hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power, even at 36 mph. Schwalbe  Fat  Frank tires provide the traction necessary to conquer most urban excursions. Their woven  KevlarGuard material provides superior flat protection.

And just as Porsche forged its legend on the race track, the Outlaw Tracker includes a Race Mode.  This activates 3,000 watts of power from the rear hub motor to  rapidly accelerate up to 36 mph.  Standard  Mode complies with street-legal regulations in the USA and EU. It generates 750 watts from the motor for a top speed of 20 mph. Recharge time is about two hours, and typical electricity cost to recharge is $0.18 USD.

Emory Motorsports and Vintage Electric both believe that combining traditional handcrafting with modern technology creates timeless products. “The Outlaw Tracker is about disrupting the status quo,” Rod Emory says. “What Vintage Electric is doing to the bicycle  reminds us of what we did to  Porsche 356s a couple decades ago. We are stoked to be involved in this project.”

For more information on the Outlaw Tracker, contact Emory Motorsports, 971.241.7017, EmoryMotorsports.com or Vintage Electric, 408.969.0836, VintageElectricBikes.com.