ICON's Backlot

ICON has a two year waiting list for one of their award winning custom built vehicles, that is two years of scheduled projects, which means they have one of the coolest storage lots you will ever see. On the shop floor you will see cars completely torn apart being built from the chassis up, from a vintage Rolls Royce to a fairly standard ICON Bronco, but before they make it that far, they end up parked "around back."

Around back you will find everything from Diamond T pickup trucks and Lincoln Zephyrs, to iconic Toyota Land Cruisers and even an Aston Martin that gave up it's V12 for ICON's one off Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato roadster project. ICON may have started building Land Cruisers, but today they have tackled everything from American muscle to the ultra exotic.

One could spend hours looking through the cars and trucks, some with customer names written on them, all waiting for their rebirth as an ICON Thriftmaster or a one of a kind electric hot rod. This is just one of the company's storage areas, on the other side of the building is a lot filled with classic Ford Broncos, one of ICON's most popular models.

Each vehicle is carefully selected with the owner who has commissioned the project, some are family heirlooms, but most are sourced by ICON for their exclusive clientele who pay between $160-$260K per-vehicle.

For more visit ICON Online and enjoy more pictures from the back lot below.