Autozam AZ-1

The Autozam AZ-1, designed and manufactured by Suzuki but sold by Mazda under the Autozam brand. Built from 1992-1994 it was well known for its gullwing doors and miniaturized supercar styling. Power came from a Suzuki-sourced 657 cc turbocharged engine that produced produced about 63hp. A Suzuki version named the Suzuki Cara was also sold.

All AZ-1s were painted Siberia Blue or Classic Red with grey accents. A Mazdaspeed version was offered with an aggressive body kit and several performance improvements, but timing was not the friend of the AZ-1, as it was released Japan entered into a major recession and a $12,500 kei car was not what the market was looking for, just  4,392 Autozam and 531 of the Cara version were built, making it the rarest of the Japanese kei sports cars.

Enjoy more images from the original AZ-1 dealer brochure below.

Via: Product Design Database