ICON 7" Headlights for Classics

ICON, makers of some of the best classic Broncos and FJs in the world, put a lot of time and development into the parts that make their vehicles so unique. While most of us could never afford a six figure Ford Bronco, we do have the chance to add some ICON magic to our own classic car, truck, or SUV with their new signature 7" headlight which will work in any classic car that uses a standard 7" bulb.

The signature ICON Headlights are powered 100% by Light Emitting Diodes (LED's). The 7” Vortex LED Headlights from Vision X Lighting is a complete plug and play replacement for vehicles that utilize a 7” round fixture. These headlights are approved by the DOT, and far exceed DOT performance standards for high and low beam headlights. The Unique orange halo ring can be wired up as a daytime running light, turn signal, or whatever else you can imagine.

Sold as a pair of two for $825 on ICON4X4.com.