Southwestern Road Trip

by Michael Satterfield

Road tripping is by far one of my favorite ways to travel, exploring back roads, small towns, and finding roadside attractions is part of the experience. On my most recent trip to Denver, I took the long way home and the new Toyota RAV4, which turned out to be the perfect road trip vehicle. While I was in Denver for my apparel business, I planned on spending my time on the way home exploring two of my favorite states, Arizona and New Mexico.

The ground clearance of the RAV4 came in handy on more than one occasion. From taking on some unimproved roads to dealing with flash floods, the little Toyota didn't miss a beat. Both on and off the pavement the RAV4 was comfortable and handled great. The adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning system made the long stretches of highway a bit more bearable. But for me, road trips are all about getting off the highway and enjoying two-lane roads like Route 66.

Downtown William's Arizona.

When you are exploring the back roads of New Mexico and Arizona you have to be prepared for anything, the weather can change in an instant, and you can leave the cool mountain pines and find yourself in a desert valley at triple-digit temperatures in just a matter of miles. Long stretches between rest stops, hotels, and restaurants mean you have to plan ahead.

View from the Becker Butte Lookout, Highway 60, Arizona.

The diversity of the landscape in the Southwest is breathtaking and I encourage everyone to take the time to visit these two amazing states to see it for themselves. 

For help planning your own trip check out Visit Arizona and New Mexico True.

Trading Post at Arizona/New Mexico Stateline off Route 66

Camping in the Toyota RAV4 was perfect with over 6 feet of space with the seat folded down.

The road from Phoenix and Yuma

Pulled over to take a rest and fly the drone

The vibrant colors of the Southwest are what make it so special.

From backroads to dirt roads the RAV4 was the perfect road trip vehicle.

Classic car parked in Madrid New Mexico.

Flooded roads near Zuni Tribal Lands in New Mexico

Old gas station in William's Arizona.

This trip was not sponsored, the RAV4 was a Rental Car.