Super 73 Scout

Lithium Cycles has returned with the next product in the Super 73 family. Responding to comments and pleas for a bike with the same unique style and soul but a more affordable price, the Super 73 Scout line was born.The Super 73 Scout caters to the fiscally minded adventurers and electric tech lovers.

With a choice between 250 (Super 73 Scout) and 500 watts (Super 73 Scout “Rose Ave.”), there are options for both the easy riders and the urban commuters. Lithium Cycles has partnered with lifestyle and fashion influencer and Super 73 rider, Jesse Wellens, to create the extremely distinct and highly refined Super 73 Scout “Rose Ave.” (pre-order price of $1,395 until 8/10/2017 - $1,699 MSRP). With 500 watts of power and a 20 mph cruising speed, this model provides speed and agility with a flair of design and innovation.

The Super 73 Scout (pre-order price of $995 until 8/10/2017 - $1,299 MSRP) will allow a cruising speed between 15-17 mph while leaving room for the rider to pedal for faster speeds and extended ranges. This 250 watt bike is the perfect fit for the weekend adventurer or evening explorer. Lithium Cycles is extremely excited to create the products at a lower price while providing the same quality, innovation, and design that made the 1,000 watt Super 73 famous. Pre-Order HERE.