Book: My Old Car

by Mike Satterfield

If you are a car person, you know that some cars come to represent so much more than just transportation, they become part of our life story and are tied to so many of our memories. The book My Old Car by David A Lambdin Jr. is the story of such a car. A 1963 Corvette left a mark on David and a few years after selling it regret set in, so much so, that years later he longed for that feeling again and he found himself another classic Corvette.

This is not just a story about days gone by, it is a story of reconnecting to one's old self by slipping behind a familiar steering wheel and taking to the open road. After getting home with his dream car David and Stephanie began exploring the history of their 'new' classic Corvette. They discover there is much more to this old car than expected, including international racing history with some of the most prominent racing drivers of the 1960s, like Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby, Bob McLean, and Harry Schell to name a few.

The book is well written and at just over 100 pages it's an easy read over an afternoon. If cars and history are your passion, like mine, it will be hard to put down without finishing the book. The first few chapters really help you feel connected to the author who has a story with a special car like many of us do. As you follow along the story gets more incredible the history of this little red Corvette is revealed. Even if you aren't a fan of Corvettes you will love this story.

I was impressed to see that this book was published by the author's company and that it is printed in the USA. The quality of the book, binding, paper, and layout are top tier. Look for this book on my recommended holiday gift guide.

ISBN 978-0-6925-87373-1

Hard Cover
Numbered and Signed Hard Cover

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