Sell-Out Crowd Sees Huge Bandit Wreck at Highland Rim

Quarter-mile tracks always make things interesting, but Saturday's Minimizer Bandit Big Rig Series wreck at Highland Rim Speedway left a sold-out crowd speechless.
After several tight heat and challenge races, Mike Morgan (#88) and Allen Boles (#3) went all out to try and steal the $10,000 feature race check.  Unfortunately, the two made contact in turn four and sent both trucks barreling into the wall, with Morgan's black Mack truck jumping the wall and snapping a pole before hitting the catch fence.
Boles' Peterbilt rode the wall down the front straightaway before coming to a stop near the entrance of turn one.
Thankfully, both drivers were okay, but with the damage to the trucks and the track, officials had no choice but to cancel the rest of the race.
"My first thoughts were of the safety of the drivers and fans," Bandit Director of Operations Brian Madsen said.  "Once I received reports of everyone being okay, we started seeing if the race could continue.  Unfortunately, with the damage to the catch fence, we had to end it after seven laps."
A live stream cameraman nearly got in the path of destruction, but was able to jump out of the way moments before Morgan passed by on his way to the catch fence.
"It did exactly what it is designed to do – have the steel cables wrap the truck up and stop it from going any further," Madsen said.  "The accident showed that all of the safety equipment, both truck and race track, performed exactly as designed."
Next up for the Bandits is a return to Florence Motor Speedway on October 7th.
"The Bandits will be racing for $50,000 at Florence," Madsen said.  "We're excited to go back and I'm sure our fans will pack the house in Timmonsville!"