An Afternoon in Santa Fe

Addy Nicole
Awhile back I was asked to photograph the runway at Santa Fe fashion Week for a magazine, I was excited since it was an excuse to explore my one of my favorite cities in the world Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Vintage Rings at Santa Fe Vintage

I met up with a local model named Addy in the historic core of the city. We shot some photos around old town for about an hour before Addy had to go to work. I didn't have any commitments until later that night, so I decided to wander around and take some more photos. I stopped in at Santa Fe Vintage to see what cool treasures they had, if you are a fan of vintage fashion you have to visit Santa Fe Vintage when you are in town. Afterward, I walk around the plaza until I came to the Five & Dime, world famous for their Frito Pie. When you go to Santa Fe, you have to have the Frito Pie. After the Frito Pie and a Coke I strolled down Canyon Road to enjoy the art galleries and boutiques before heading back to my room at the Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe.

It is by far one of the best places in the world to spend an afternoon.

Sage in Old Town

Shop in the Plaza

Addy Nicole

Addy Nicole

Classic Ford on Canyon Road

Model and Actress Bobbi Jeen Olson

House along Canyon Road

Artwork Along Canyon Road

Saint Francis of Assisi

The Plaza

Address Marker on Canyon Road