Aria FXE

Orange County-based design, engineering and manufacturing firm Aria Group will debut its FXE Advanced Sports Car, an American-made mid-engine sport at this year’s LA Autoshow. The car will be revealed on November 30th at 12.15pm at the Aria Stand in the south hall foyer.

The car is the evolution of the 2017 concept which was highly acclaimed and received tremendous interest. Following such a successful response to the early vision, the car has been in development with major emphasis on technology and performance while continuing Aria’s signature design excellence.

FXE brings outstanding performance capabilities in this new form. The car has been completely redesigned to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Key performance figures include 1,150hp and 1,316ftlbs of torque, 6.2L V8 built around a small block architecture, 4 wheel drive, E front axle with torque vectoring, 10kwh lithium ion battery pack, 3450lbs dry vehicle weight, and estimated 0-60 times of 3.1 seconds.

The vehicle has a Carbon composite chassis utilizing a new proprietary manufacturing technique. Extensive use of Rapid manufacturing is used throughout the vehicle to minimize tooling and achieve high levels of structural optimization.

The car will be built in limited numbers with no more than 400 units being built. “The vision behind this vehicle is to build a truly world class American Mid-Engine Sports Car” said Clive Hawkins,
founder and CEO of Aria Group. “We believe enthusiasts, not only in America, but around the world are looking for a carthat delivers this level of performance, built by a small manufacturer with the proven level of quality and exclusivity that Aria can deliver”.