The Stables Motor Plaza

Atlanta-based Destination Development Partners has received rezoning approval from the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners (voted 4-0) to turn 25.81 acres of agricultural land on McFarland Parkway in South Forsyth County into a 281,000 square feet commercial and industrial development called The Stables Motor Plaza.

“The zoning change makes way for an upscale retail village with a mix of uses and high-end car storage facilities in the Forsyth County Central Business District overlay area”, says Chad Lagomarsino, Partner with Destination Development Partners, “The Stables is very unique for the area as are the developments close by like Avalon and the new Halcyon, which is currently being developed down the street from our site. We feel that our development enhances this area of McFarland Parkway that is mostly industrial now. Our design plans for the retail village are to make it easily accessible, inviting to visitors with an abundance of different shopping experiences for the auto enthusiast, restaurants and more. Roof-top experiences will be throughout the development.”

Plans include retail stores with second-floor office space, restaurant with roof-top dining, coffee shop/cafĂ©, high-end car wash, 150 private garage condos, a two-level event facility with a resort-style infinity pool and a nature preserve with dog park. The overall project will also have a parking deck for additional parking for the event center and member events. In addition, the development’s proximity to GA400 and Highway 9 provides easy access for the surrounding communities to visit, shop and dine.

The new development is approximately $60M and would create approximately 150+ jobs for the community. “A project of this scale requires strong commitments from both private and public partners, and that’s exactly what this project represents”, said Brandan Lail, Partner with DDP, “We’ve had exceptionally good meetings with the county officials and neighbors over the past few months; it’s very pleasing when you know that everyone speaks positively about your project and you get the blessings from the community.”

“The project is geared toward the automotive enthusiast and the various retail shops and businesses will be themed accordingly. We are most excited about the garage condos that will be developed as part of the initial Phase 1 and Phase 2. The plan is to build and phase in approximately 150 private garage condos that will be sold as fee simple, very similar to office condominiums, where car enthusiasts can store their prized collections of cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and ATVs”, explained Jeff Beal, Partner with DDP, “We also have planned a clear-span warehouse nicknamed “The Barn” that can house close to 75 cars in an open, climate-controlled museum type setting. We’ve had such great response leading up to our rezoning approval. Our phones have not stopped ringing and the website is flooded with people submitting to reserve units. We’ve already received 44 reservations on the private garages with one gentleman requesting an entire 14,000 square foot building for his personal collection. We are currently accepting pre-orders for the private garage condos and we do anticipate selling out prior to completion of construction.”

Construction on The Stables Motor Plaza Retail Village & Garage Condos could start as early as spring 2018 with Phase 1 opening Fall 2019.

Lail added that “this facility is being designed as a community and will not only attract a like-minded group of collectors and automotive & motorsports enthusiasts but families as well. With our members’ clubhouse, owners can gather to watch sports events, host BBQs or just hang with friends and family. The Stables Motor Plaza is destined to become the ultimate automotive destination and a pretty cool place to store your valuable collection.”

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