UltraTech Garage Barriers

Garage Barrier containment berms from UltraTech International, Inc. are heavy-duty, heat-sealed units that protect your garage floor. Snow covered vehicles create a wet and dirty mess. Garage Barriers are designed to be driven on to and provide containment so water, mud, salt and other nastiness doesn't travel to the rest of your garage.   
Melted snow isn't the only mess that shows up in garages. Trucks, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, personal watercraft, and power tools require fuel and other fluids to run properly.  And those fluids can leak. Garage Barriers put an end to that. Available in three sizes, there's a Garage Barrier for just about any toy or tool you may have.
No assembly is required. Simply unroll it completely, place it on your garage floor, and it is ready to go. One-inch high sidewalls filled with open cell foam provide dependable containment and can be walked on or driven over.
Heavy-duty, 18 oz. PVC material stands up to daily use and provides excellent resistance to gas, oil, grease and chemicals. The units fold quickly and easily for storage or transport.

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