3 Shows on Amazon for Classic Car Lovers

 If you are a fan of classic cars like me, there is a good chance you would like watching them when they were just the latest cars on the market. Thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon we have access to more classic TV shows and the awesome classic cars that are in them than ever before. Here are a few of the series I have been watching, not only are they great shows, but you if you are a fan of the cars of the 60's & 70's you are going to love watching them just for the cars.


Robert Culp and Bill Cosby are a pair of US intelligence agents posing as a tennis pro and his coach go on secret missions around the world. Not only are the cars amazing, but unlike many shows of the day, almost all of I-Spy was filmed on location around the world. In addition to locations like Japan, Mexico, and Spain the show was filled with great actors like George Takei, Martin Landau, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lawford.

The international filming means that the show is filled with classic cars from Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Watch it here: I-Spy on Amazon (Free with Prime)

Mission Impossible

Before the films with Tom Cruise, the elite covert operations unit known as the Impossible Mission Force or IMF carried out highly sensitive missions around the world. Filmed using the contemporary cars of the day the show is filled with unique classic cars and even wild custom go-kart that they use to escape in season 5, episode 8 titled Decoy.

With series regulars like Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Leonard Nimoy, and my personal favorite Greg Morris the show had an all-star cast and top guest stars. But the real stars are the cars which range from classic Fords to vintage BMWs and Volvos.

Watch it here: Mission Impossible on Amazon (Free with Prime)

The Persuaders!

Two international playboys, played by major Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, solve crimes around Europe while driving a Ferrari Dino and Aston Martin DBS. Danny Wilde (Curtis) is a street-smart, self-made millionaire from the Bronx, Lord Brett Sinclair (Moore) is an upper-crust member of the British establishment.

Watch it here: The Persuaders! (Available for Purchase on Amazon Prime)


  1. I never knew there were on Amazon! Now I have shows to watch on my next long haul. I am so excited!

  2. My husband and I cut the cable cord in the fall and haven't looked back. First, we watched Breaking Bad, which (of course) featured Jessie's RV. Our latest is Fargo and tonight we finished season 2. Have you seen it? If not, stop what you're doing and set aside a day! Anyway, it's almost a parade of vintage land yachts, including a 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron coupe. Although my favorite was the teal-green 1965 Corvair that Peggy drove. x

  3. Mission Impossible! I don't think that there is anyone who hasn't watched that one yet! For sure, the cars rode there were explicit! And terrific! Watching that one made me love cars..it is no wonder I've watched and re-watched Fast and Furious series! Those cars rock!

  4. It is so amazing to note that there is always a scope for car lovers to catch the best of the shows on Amazon/ Netflix. Its even better if we get to see the glimpse of the vintage collection.

  5. I shared this with my brother and he absolutely loved it...thank you for sharing.

  6. I can imagine my Uncle would have loved these films as he was really into Classic Cars! Although knowing him he's probably seen everything to do with Classic Cars anyway.

    Ami xxx

  7. I have seen Mission Impossible and I-Spy both and I must say these movies were brilliant. Also agree that these movies are filled with classic cars and good for any car lover.