Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

Last year at the SEMA show I stopped by to visit my friends at Meguiar's who told me about some new products that would be coming out in 2018 including their "Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner." according to the team at Meguiar's it would be safe to use on any wheel type and requires no scrubbing, just spray, rinse, and dry.

After a week of rain the wheels on my daily driver were deffenatly in need of a good wash.

According to the directions I just needed to spray on the cleaner and let it set for around 4-5 mins, and that the foam would change into a purple gel as it cleans.

After a few minuets the wheels started turning purple, at this point the directions say don't let the gel dry, get your hose and and prepare to blast off the grim.

Blasting off the gel to shows the wheel is mostly clean with just light residue left.

No scrubbing just lightly wipe the wheel dry and the light residue comes right off leaving a clean wheel.

Wheels are clean, now just the rest of the car need a detail to look as good. I think with a higher power pressure nozel there would be less inital residue. Overall I have to say that Meguiar's delivered on the promise of being the "Ultimate Wheel Cleaner" with less effort and scrubbing than wheel cleaning products I have used in the past.

While they did send me a free bottle of cleaner, I am not being paid for this post.