Pagani Zonda S Passion Project

A surprising work of art, born from the collaboration between Foglizzo, Pagani and the artist Shalemar Sharbatly, who in 4 days hand painted the Pagani Zonda S protagonist of the Color Art Project by Foglizzo

Passion is the inspiration for this project. Devotion for excellence, beauty, speed, colors, and art. Foglizzo, Pagani and Shalemar Sharbatly have one thing in common - “Passion”.

The automotive industry is part of Foglizzo’s and Pagani’s DNA, where together they share constant challenge to exceed technical performances, pursuit of pure functional beauty and proud of their Italian craftsmanship. On the other hand, the colorful world of Shalemar Sharbatly, where the wild inspiration is tempered by a rigorous thought, perfectly matches with Foglizzo’s quest to offer the widest range of colors in leather. Even if there is not one universal definition of art, Foglizzo believes art is the conscious creation of something beautiful and meaningful using skill and imagination. Sharing this idea with Pagani and Shalemar Sharbatly, Foglizzo is able to promote the creation of a “moving piece of art”.

Horacio Pagani offered the unique Zonda S, known by the enthusiasts as world lap record for a homologated car around the Nürburgring in June 2002.

With the help of D-Factory Italia, international wrapping specialist for cars (as well as aviation, yachting and interior design), the voluptuous shapes of the Zonda have been covered with a film to protect the metal sheets and create an immaculate canvas for Shalemar Sharbatly.

Shalemar is an internationally celebrated painter that introduced the art world to a new concept called “Moving Art”, an initiative intended to move art beyond the elitist walls of the gallery. Shalemar Sharbatly is focusing on turning everyday objects — like cars — into conceptual pieces that have been seen by millions and is a visceral idea of using art as a vehicle.

Here, the vision of Shalemar meets the Foglizzo know-how, with the ability to create any shade of color for leather to meet their client’s requests. A process, the leather color matching, that is a delicate balance of scientific precision, skilled craftsmanship and humanistic sensibility, because Foglizzo’s final goal is to preserve the original soft touch of the leather, the durability and comfort while improving its inner beauty qualities.

After 4 days of intense work, Shalemar Sharbatly hand painted the entire Pagani Zonda S. The colors run from cool shades to warm hues, in a continuous flux of strokes and emotions that enhance the original shapes of the car. The final result is a piece of art which seems to embrace motion even when it staring in front of you, showing its outrageous beauty.

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