Car Girl: Hannah Cohen

"I am a girl who has a slightly inexplicable obsession with classic cars, one who believes they should be driven and thoroughly enjoyed on a daily basis. I'm not talking about running errands in a cool car, I mean really driving," Hannah Cohen.

By Michael Satterfield

Name: Hannah Cohen
Job: Entrepreneur
Car(s): 1965 Ford Falcon Squire, 1955 Ford F100
Instagram: @flyfalconfly

 Hannah has always been attracted to the classics, six years ago she purchased her 1955 Ford F100 to help promote her bakery business, the truck was set up to be a mobile pop-up shop selling pies all over Southern California.

Hannah shared how she first got into classic cars. "It all started with pie. About five years ago I had gone from being a pastry chef to owning my own pie business. I decided to take the pies mobile and didn't want a traditional food truck so I used by business as a reason to finally get my first classic car, a 'working truck'. Butters, a 1955 Ford F100, named after a main ingredient, fed my classic car infatuation." Butters is now retired from the daily grind is still driven on weekends or for those occasions when a girl just needs a truck. While Butters was fun, the truck wasn't super practical for road trips and with Hannah's list of road trip destinations growing, she started to look for a practical classic to take on the road.

"At first I didn't think of the Falcon, I was originally looking for a Volvo P1800, but then this Falcon came up and it just fell into place," said Hannah. The Squire has been affectionately named 'Birdie' and was the perfect adventure mobile with room for the dogs, luggage, and equipped with power steering and air conditioning, plus since it is powered by a small block Ford parts, if ever required, would be easy to find on the road. Birdie attracts attention everywhere Hannah goes, with people stop to take pictures, strangers say hello, and kids wave as she drives down the road. 


The car is mostly original and well maintained, Hannah quickly upgraded to disc brakes, beyond the safety upgrades the car looks period correct, red with red interior, 289 V8 with an automatic transmission. After a minor service and some new tires, Birdie was on the road and Hannah has been enjoying driving it up and down the California coast. “Driving a classic car is like getting unsolicited advice from your uncle. They have stories to tell, lives they've lived before you and they don't care if you're in a rush.” Hannah said.

Hannah recently started her own site Driving Miss Hannah to chronicle her adventures and challenges of driving classic cars daily. 

Check out more photos below and be sure to follow Hannah's adventures on Instagram.