Fredericksburg for Guys

When most guys here wine country they have visions of boutique vineyards and being dragged through stores that sell old stuff labeled as "Shabby Chic" followed up by a day at the spa. All of these things are great if you are taking your wife or girlfriend for a romantic weekend, but if you are wanting to do more with the guys Fredericksburg has a lot to offer. 

by Michael Satterfield

Fredericksburg is located about an hour and half west of Austin, the city is well known for its German heritage and for being the cultural hub of Texas Hill Country. Its central location draws visitors from all across Texas, but the world-class resorts, golf courses, and award-winning wines and beers attract guests from around the world. The town is also motorcycle and classic car friendly with great parking and well-maintained streets.

Since you are in Wine Country you should stop in at Becker Vineyards Main Street tasting room, right in the heart of town, if not for a tasting at least to check out the vintage Buick Dealership that houses it. The vintage building retains much of the original details from its car sales days and they have an excellent selection of wines.

 Beer, Fredericksburg is a German town, so why not try out the best German beer made in America. The Altstadt Brewery just outside the city is in the final phases of opening their new beer tasting room, restaurant, and beer garden. The commitment to making the most authentic German beer in the USA goes as far as importing all of the ingredients from Germany and even engineering the water to be the same chemical composition as the groundwater that is used in Germany, and you can taste the difference, for a brewery that has only been around a few years they have already won some impressive international awards. I am looking forward to checking out their Octoberfest later this year.

Food, from amazing Korean/Mexican fusion tacos at Tubby's Ice House (seriously the Beef Bulgogi tacos are amazing) to traditional German Food at Auslander Biergarten there is are a lot of great places to eat, or if you like to cook shop their local farmer made preserves, salsas, and pickles. Just one thing to remember is that it is still a small town in Texas and some places close early or are only open on weekends, check their hours before you head out.

If you do find a need to go shopping there are several guy-centric stores like Camp Hayden (pictured above) and even a store called 'Jonny Lee's Something for Men' that sells all kinds of manly items like knives, belts, hats, even bullwhips if you are feeling extra Indiana Jonesish. They also have a number of stores to shop for gifts, if you need to bring something back home with you. 

If you are in Fredericksburg you have to take an afternoon to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Admiral Nimitz Museum, one ticket gets you into both. The museum has an incredible collection of artifacts, planes, tanks, and even the same kind of anti-aircraft gun that my Great Grandfather manned on the USS Savo Island during the war. The museum looks at the geopolitical situation stemming from the aftermath of World War I, Japan's colonial ambitions, and the attack on Pearl Harbor. It then takes you through a tour of the campaign to win back the Pacific culminating in the dropping of the atomic bombs. Be sure to take a moment to walk through the memorial plaza and Japanese Peace garden.

 Fredericksburg offers a number of hotels for nearly any budget, but on this trip, I was treated with a stay at Barons CreekSide. The sprawling 26-acre property is unlike any hotel I have stayed at. With choices ranging from a luxury cavus gypsy wagon to a full-size lodge with room for up to 9 guests, the property has the ability to accommodate groups of any size. I stayed in one of their popular Swiss-style log cabins.

Each of the luxury cabins is unique and built by hand. One of the features I liked the most is the ability to park right next to your cabin, so if you are traveling by classic car or your motorcycle it is going to be close by. Also, the lodge or farmhouse options which sleep more guests and have full kitchens allow you spend time with your buddies and share the cost of accommodations while still having your own room. You can book by Airbnb, but it is best to book directly on the Barons CreekSide website here, you can tour virtually tour the rooms and prices start as low as $149 a night.

This Texas Road Trip was powered by the new Honda Civic. Big thanks to Honda for loaning me this awesome road trip machine.