Kimono Cotton by Hiromi Asai

HIROMI ASAI, unveils the novel cotton shirt and jacket lineup for 2019 spring/summer menswear collection at Pitti Uomo 94 in Florence, Italy on June 12-15, 2018. The theme of the collection is "Eden", representing sophisticated and luxurious styles with beauty and romance, created by 100-year-old looms. Comfortable and well-tailored shirts and jackets were all made of finest Kimono cotton textile, Ise Momen.

Ise Momen has more-than-350-year history, woven by 100-year-old looms in Mie, Japan. Now only one Ise Momen workshop survives in Japan. HIROMI ASAI asks this workshop to weave premium cotton textiles for the collection with unique but modern patterns. Because Ise Momen was originally used for Yukatabira: Japanese summer cotton bathrobes, it efficiently absorbs sweat. Ise Momen becomes softer and softer after hand-washing several times.

HIROMI ASAI designs 2019 spring/summer collection to make the best use of this premium cotton, Ise Momen. The shirts and jackets are not only comfortable and functional but also stylish and bold to form beautiful silhouette, suitable for business or casual occasions.

Sanyo Industry Inc. is a manufacturing factory in Fukushima, Japan, which is a subsidiary company of Sanyo Shokai Ltd., one of the leading apparel companies in Japan. Sanyo Industry is famous for its sophisticated techniques to manufacture suits and jackets.  Fashion Kobo Kuroishi is a shirt factory, manufacturing shirts for developing mansions by highly skilled craftspersons in Aomori, Japan. HIROMI ASAI works together to elaborately manufacture the shirts and jackets with accurate pattern matching. In addition, a modelist, Takashi Nagano, at Sanyo Shokai works with HIROMI ASAI to complete pattern making for the entire collection.

Ms. Asai, a designer of HIROMI ASAI, said, "I have always been trying to revive the essence of Japanese Kimono for modern fashion. This time, the ancient textile, Ise Momen, revives through craftsmanship for shirts and jackets that bring timeless romance to the present. I am pleased to be able to distribute them to the world at affordable prices."

After the presentation at Pitti Uomo, HIROMI ASAI 2019 spring/summer collection debuts in the USA and is presented at Liberty Fairs in New York and Las Vegan in July and August, respectively.