Design Your Own Luxury Watch with BRM

BRM is known for making some ostentatious and expensive watches for some of the racing world's biggest personalities. But recently BRM launched an online watch configurator that allows you to take control of the design process and create your own version of their popular V6-44 or V12-44 watches. 

After selecting the watch model, you have the choice of case color, dial, lugs, hour and minute hands, chronograph hands, tachymeter, pushers and crown, crown protector, strap, and buckle, meaning there are literally thousands of combinations. I went with a Team American themed V12-44 as you can see below, but the possibilities are endless, match your watch to your car or motorcycle, configure it in the colors of your company or personal brand, or just create a truly bespoke piece for your collection. 

Once you are done designing your watch, it is emailed to BRM for a quotation and if you approve the final price and configuration it will be produced and shipped to you in a matter of weeks. Head over to the BRM Website, even if you aren't going to buy watch the configurator is a lot of fun. 

Build your watch by Clicking Here