Technological Art | Samsung Frame TV

I am not a big fan of televisions, mainly because I feel they take up too much space and stand out from the decor in a room. In fact, I haven't owned a TV in over three years, but, as I have been laying out the plans for my new home, and since I expect to have guests over, integrating a television for entertaining has become a priority. It was while I was researching TVs that didn't look like TVs that I ran across the Samsung Frame.

The original Samsung Frame was released in 2017, was an impressive smart TV with 200Hz Motion Rate, Auto Motion Plus, Film Mode, HDR, UHD Up-Scaling, and Micro Dimming. The new model features HDR 10+, and it also added the Bixby voice command system. Offered in three sizes, 43", 55", 65" the Frame offers all the benefits of a modern smart TV with the additional benefit of being unobtrusive. When the Frame is in "Art Mode" it looks like any other framed painting or photograph. 

 Priced from $1,299 for the 43" and up to $2,799 for the 65" the Frame's pricing is not out of line with other premium televisions while coming ready already like framed wall art. The other cool feature that in addition to being able to display your own artwork or photos Samsung has over 800 works to choose from allowing you to swap out art for a season, special occasion, or just your mood.

The frame is available at most major online retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. In addition to the size, you also can select from four colors of the frame to match your home or office, Dark Walnut, Light Teak, and Black or White Metal.

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