The French Do it Right: Wallets

The French just have a way with certain things, food, quirky cars, and luxury accessories. While men will spend many hours researching the right timepiece or the perfect sunglasses many guys simply have whatever wallet they received as a gift for high school graduation, for most a wallet is more of a utilitarian item. But the right wallet can be a statement piece and an extension of your personal style that speaks volumes about who you are. Here are six French classic bi-fold wallets that will help you up your style game.
Saint Laurent Paris

Yves Saint-Laurent founded his fashion empire in 1961 and was one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Anthony Vaccarello the creative director for the brand has kept with the vision of clean and functional luxury. This classic single fold wallet features the brands signature Saint Laurent Paris metal plaque. 

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One of the most respected luxury leather goods makers for over 160 years, they don't sell online and many of their items are special order. You can visit one of their several boutiques around the world, or their flagship store in Paris. Over the years their clients have included Picasso, Karl Lagerfield, Kanye West, and members of most royal families. Pulling a Goyard wallet out of your pocket shows those who know it that you have timeless style.

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(Since the brand doesn't sell online officially beware of counterfeits if shopping online)


Founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, the brand has always been pushing fashion forward, and while that meant creating the first shirt dress in 1954, today they have a range that includes evening gowns to some of the most exclusive streetwear on the market, a T-shirt by the brand can cost upwards of $700, so a $390 wallet is a nice entry-level piece for the brand.

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Christan Louboutin

World famous for the red sole shoes and putting spikes on everything since 1991, the designer has a lot more to offer us guys, like this bi-fold wallet with a small coin pocket to keep the "pocket jingle under control" and don't worry when you pop it open it is that signature Loubi Red. It is a nice way to make a subtle statement.

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Louis Vuitton

A brand that needs no introduction as one of the most widely recognized luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton. The go-to brand if you want, high quality and timeless style. While the traditional monogram is the most widely known, take some time to check out some of their other options, there is a lot to choose from, but it is always a safe choice to select something that has had the staying power to remain popular from 1896 to now. You can also order a bespoke version with your monogrammed initials, stripes, and custom interior color.

$490 blank wallet ($650-$700 personalized as shown)
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The company was founded to offer high-quality horse harness and bridle by Thierry Hermes in 1837 and today still produces some of the most highly sought-after leather accessories in the world. This bleu de Malte bi-fold, poker bill clip wallet screams restrained sophistication. The most expensive wallet on this list, but if you had a chance to hold one you would understand why. 

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