Car Girl: Paulina Chwalek

Name: Paulina Chwalek
Car: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z51
Instagram: @_paulina_chwalek_
Location: Connecticut
Lead Photo:

TGR: Where did you get your passion for cars?

PC: "I have been into fast cars since I was a little girl playing with toy cars. I used to collect small toy sports cars and I told myself that one day I was gonna own a real one."

TGR: What was your first car?

PC: "My first car was a Fiat 126p back home in Poland, little but really fun to drive.."

Photo by ejescoo

TGR: Do you have a favorite road you like to drive on?

PC: "I like to drive on the highway, sometimes I race random people when we are out for a drive. But one day I need to try getting out on the race track.

TGR: What is your current daily driver?

PC: "The Corvette is my driver when the weather is nice, an Audi A6 takes over when it is winter, but I like to drive my Corvette as much as possible."

TGR: Have you modified your Corvette?

PC: "It's really not modified yet, for now, I have just added an exhaust system. I'm planning to install headers soon and lower her."

TGR: What is your dream car?

PC: "Lamborghini Aventador"

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Photo by @danarruphotography

Photo by @wattvphoto
Photo by @theguntographer